Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Kim Hornsby Novels

If you've ever wondered what I write, I put together an easy-to-read list of my novels and novellas.

Dream Jumper Series - 3 Novels - 2 Novellas

The Dream Jumper’s Promise - A Suspense Mystery set on Maui with Romance elements

             The Dream Jumper's Secret - A Suspense with Romance, set in Seattle & Afghanistan

The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit - A Suspense Manhunt to Central America to find a child

 Girl of his Dream - A Romantic Suspense - Jamey & Tina's sexy beginning

               Dream Come True - Set in Carnation WA at Christmas, a Supernatural Suspense

Moody & The Ghost Series - 4 Novellas

Dead Ahead - Moody inherits a house with an elusive ghost

Batten Down - Moody gets a skeptic off her back while falling for Caspian

Coming About - Caspian disappears and Moody is desperate to get him back

Hoist the Jib - Moody time travels to figure out the mystery of Caspian

Necessary Detour 
Romantic Suspense Novel - Rock star hides from a stalker at her lake house

Rocky Bluff 
Crime/Suspense Novel - A female Maui cop goes undercover in the Rocky Horror show to catch a killer

Christmas Romances - Novellas

Christmas in Love – 4-Book Anthology - Sweet to Sexy

*Christmas in Crystal Creek
*Christmas in Whistler 
*Maui Kalikimaka 
*Dream Come True

Christmas in Crystal Creek - A country singer is stranded over Christmas  

Or: Find a little nugget of a book that Kim wrote at the beginning of her career, not available on Kindle but everywhere else! THE HUSBAND HUNT


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KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book 1 in her Bestselling Supernatural Suspense series. With 9 published novels and screenplays circulating Hollywood, Kim lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end triumphant.

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