Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ten Reasons Why I Watched the Royal Wedding

I watched the recent Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan.
I did.
Not in real time but when I finished work for the day, I sat for hours in front of the TV with two shows on, one featuring highlights and backstory, one taped continuously from two hours before the wedding to after everyone cleared out of Windsor.

Why did I find this so fascinating seeing I never even knew Harry was dating an American until a few months ago?

1. She's American
2. She's 1/2 Black (a milestone for a White Royal Family
3. She's an activist, championing for poor children
4. He's an activist, championing for many worthy causes
5. Hats
6. I'm a romantic
7. Gospel choir singing Stand By Me
8. I've been to Windsor
9. The British accent
10. I needed something sweet and lovely in the news this week

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