Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bouchercon 2017 - Speaking & Ghost Hunting

Bouchercon is The World Mystery Conference for writers and readers held every year in a new venue. Last year it was New Orleans, this year it is Toronto, Canada and takes place October 12th to 15th, eh?

I'm going!

For several reasons:

1. I like Canada
2. I can visit my sister in Toronto
3. I need to get out of my messy house
4. I want to be surrounded by mystery/suspense writers

I was accepted to speak on a panel Saturday October 14th at 2:30 called Fraught with Romance along with Heather Graham (!) and before that hour, I intend to soak up all the information about mystery writing I possibly can. I love mystery, love to write mystery, and love to read mystery, so this won't be a bad thing at all.
I also have an important meeting on Thursday in Toronto that I can't tell you about for another week. We'll see how the meeting goes, then I can reveal what it was. Let's just say it has to do with my new career as the producer of a movie. A movie that is the adaptation of my bestseller seen to the right here...

I'm headed to TO early, to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, will write on Tuesday and Wednesday to finish my Christmas Romance that goes into my newly published-for-presale box set Romancing the Holidays. 
Then Thursday, I'll hit the subway, head to the Sheraton Center with a box full of books and attend workshops. Insert important meeting here at 3 pm.
Thursday night, I'm thinking of going to U of T for Hart Hanson's event for his hit crime novel --The Driver. The talk is called Scribbling for a Living. I loved the book, and Hart is a great speaker, having loads of interesting things to say as the show runner/creator of the TV show Bones.

Ghost hunting in Seattle
Friday, back to the Sheraton Center to soak up anything that's leaking.
Saturday is my big day back at the conference, including the talk at 2:30 and a book signing after. I'm not sure I have any Canadian fans but I'll be there with a pen in hand.
That night, I'm signed up for the ghost walk tour and I'm excited about that! You know I love that stuff. I'll report back if I get any taps on the shoulders. Or feel an entity enter my body.

Things to remember in Canada:

16 degrees is 60 F
Loonies are dollars, Twoonies are two dollars. The Canadian dollar is worth only .80 US so yes, have that extra drink, buy a T shirt.
Be extra polite. They will be.
Toronto is NOT the country's capital but still pretty cool.
Asking for a toilet or bathroom? Say washroom.

If you're going to Bouchercon2017, have fun and be sure if you see and recognize me, come up and say hi. I look like this:

KIM HORNSBY is a Canadian who now lives in Seattle, writing Suspense and Romance. Find her on Amazon at her Author Site and read how she once opened shows for Jamie Foxx and The Smother's Brothers.
While there, consider supporting Breast Cancer Research by buying Romancing the Holidays.

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