Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Spewing...

I am almost too busy to blog and that's saying a lot because I love to spew on here, imagining that no one reads this, and no one really cares.
Why have I not been blogging?

1. I'm trying to find a college for my son who is a junior, also a phenomenal soccer goalkeeper. I've been told I'm too late for Division 1 but might still get him in to Div II.

2. I published the 2nd book in the Dream Jumper Series and am taking a break from writing, editing, rewording, formatting, worrying. THE DREAM JUMPER'S SECRET is doing well and free until the end of May 9th.

3. I published a Cookbook with my imprint Top Ten Press. It took about 40 woman hours to do the book and I'm really hoping karma catches up with me or it gets us authors some business! Sweet & Savory Cookbook. If not, it's just plain hilarious to say I published a cookbook because I'm not known as an amazing cook.

4. I'm getting ready to go to England next week for 12 days to finally meet the young man who used to be our sponsored child from Romania. He's now a chef in London and although we've written back and forth for years and now Skype call all the time, I've never seen him face to face. It will be marvelous to spend days on end with this fine young man and my dear friend Lynn.
This is Marian........................................................

Update: This is us in England

5. I'm organizing a soccer team car wash for tomorrow and have to coordinate 15 boys and parents to make washing cars in the Seattle rain sound like the funnest thing ever!

I'll try to blog from England but my computer time will be limited. Like me on Facebook and you'll see my trip there.

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Over & Out!

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