Sunday, November 24, 2013

American Music Awards Hits and Misses

This year, the AMA's was the year of the production number, but we saw that coming, didn't we? Singers, dancers, Cirque de Soleil twirlers, rappers, fire eaters, costumes, lights, props, smoke machines and stage managers galore! I can't imagine the circus that is backstage at the AMA's, but I digress.

Katy Perry opened the show with a geisha version of UNCONDITIONALLY that had all of the above. Well, maybe not the fire eater but she nailed the opener with a Japanese theme complete with parasols, cherry blossoms, Japanese drums and K.P. herself dressed in full geisha gear, including sock feet, which I have to think is way easier for navigating up the grand staircase while singing and dancing.
Katy sang Live (no lip syncing)
Pit Bull was the host this year and although he leaned heavily on the Latino card, he was classy in his tuxedo and was absolutely adorable as a totally different type of host. His scripted Schtick was fun and the crowd loved him. Well done Pittie!

T. Swift presented the first award, luckily it wasn't to One Direction, whose lead singer, Harry Styles has an infamous T. Swi song about him. Wearing a tight, tiny gold dress that wasn't nearly long enough to cover any of her legs, she accepted several awards over the course of the evening and spoke with such heart and clarity that no one can blame her for her silly dalliances with boys who are barely finished high school.

Moving on. ONE DIRECTION Those boys can actually harmonize beautifully and if you feel like poo-pooing their talent, you try making 5 part harmony. Watch until the end to see their second award. Fans love these boys.
Ariana Grande sang next and with just her voice and a 4 Tops-style backup singing line, she rocked the house. Who needs smoke and mirrors when you have a voice like hers? My eleven year old daughter has been following A.G. for years on YouTube and loves her from Victorious on Nickelodeon.  Lady Gaga got to her feet, always one to recognize a good voice. She later won a big award and was all teenage gushy and silly in her acceptance speech but isn't she only 13 or something? Amazing!
Why would a man who has a men's clothing line show up to a huge awards show in a plaid shirt and ripped  jeans? Chewing gum. Marc Anthony. Booo
Did anyone else feel like Imagine Dragons was the only true rock performance of the night? When those nerds did Demons that morphed into RadioActive, the crowd went all rock star wild. With everyone on their feet, the 4 Dragons drummed the solo in RadioActive and brought down the house. Little does my daughter know we have tickets to see them in Seattle in February. When they finished, she was affected, aflutter and couldn't speak. Love this band. Not lip syncing.
Taylor Swift won a few more awards, spoke eloquently and the show went on with interactive commercials of JLo hawking Kohl's and pretending she was an action star, Pit Bull hawking Fiats on the beach, and Mackelmore referring to the injustice of Traynor Martin.
What's with the Shark Tank entrepreneurs in the audience? Marc, Damon and Robert had aisle seats and camera time. Who bought them camera time? And then they presented, without a woman among them. WTF? Where was Lori or that real estate woman?
Pit Bull and Kei$ha did a duet. Lip Syncing. Both of them. In her Daisy dukes and nose ring, she did a fine job of dancing and lip syncing to her own song.
It was fun to see Imagine Dragons win Alternative Rock and receive an award from non other than Joan Jett and David Grohls. They even said so.
Justin Timberlake performed a song that was amazingly fun like each of the 40 people on stage with him were lead singers in a speakeasy club. Great song, great performance J.T. and the crowd loves this Golden Boy. He's funny, musically talented and handsome. And not lip syncing. What's not to love? J.T. for president.
The Ceremonies- rock triplets?
Bill Maher who has no business on a music awards show stage, presented the Icon Award to Rihanna's mother who presented it to her in a charming mother/daughter moment that showed the world that Rihanna is just a girl from Barbados who isn't so far removed from when she used to sell fruit to tourists. Did you know that she has 33 Million twitter followers or is the most viewed artist on YouTube? Me neither. Social media works! Regardless of all her tweeting and instagraming, Rihanna won the first ever Icon Award and sang like a true performance artist. She definitely shines bright like a diamond. Not lip syncing.
Awards were given, Pit bull's presence faded like he'd been fired mid-show, and I worried that someone might fall on their extremely pointy award. "Hold it away from yourself!" I shouted at the T.V. Especially after Avici (Tim Berg) lumbered gawkily to the stage to get his EDM award. Worst ever acceptance speech, even for a Swede whose first language is not English.Christina Aguilera sang a tres understated duet with someone at a piano and showed the underbelly of a superstar in an amazing performance.
Lady Gaga and R. Kelly did a skit/song about the president having an affair with an Italian lover who looked like Marilyn Monroe that was strange. Interesting skit and love the song and love R. Kelly and love Gaga but it kind of fell flat. Too much weirdness even for Gaga? but not lip syncing.
Miley Cyrus and her kitten backdrop proved that the girl can sing but please darlin', lose the cat and weird teenager bedroom backdrops if you want to be taken seriously. It's just wrong. I'd say 99% of your audience didn't even notice your high cut undies because they were staring at the kitten, who was lip syncing very poorly.
All in all the AMA's were highly entertaining with even a TLC reunion near the end. With loads of  fake snow, lights, movie screen backdrops and fabulous sets, the evening was well done, beyond entertaining and fun. No twerking but hey that's a good thing. Wholesome Tay Tay Swi Won for Artist of the Year.
Ah, and after the ending, it said that One Direction is taking over America on Tuesday, or did they mean to say Good Morning America? I dunno.

Kim Hornsby is a former rock singer and entertainment specialist as well as an Amazon Bestselling Author.

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