Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Floating, Makawao & Salad Recipe!

 Today on Maui seemed three days long!

Woke at 5:30 and worked for hours, thinking how much nicer it is to watch the morning light creep into the night sky on Maui than Seattle. Feeling like I accomplished something, I took a break for an hour to go for a run and there is something so wonderful about running on Maui compared to a treadmill at home. My goal was a beach called S turns and there, I went in the ocean in my clothes (shoes off) to cool off. It was glorious. The ocean here is so wonderful and lovely and rejuvenating. I floated around in my running clothes feeling grateful for having the energy and health to run, then grateful to find the ocean for dip with no one around because it was still early. With shoes in hand, I walked back to Lynn's street, sitting on a grassy spot at the top of the street and put the shoes back on so I could run up the driveway looking like the athlete I am. Lynn was impressed, so my brag goal was met.

We made a brunch of salads, fruit, fresh bakery bread and sat on the lanai eating while JoJo stared at us with his puppy dog eyes because, well, he's a dog. I gave in and fed him from the table because Lynn told me that's his kuleana (his thing). Even though I picked out this little rescue dog several years ago for Lynn at an adopt, don't shop event at the Maui Mall, JoJo doesn't remember me and is scared shootless of me. He has no memory of his first night with us when I took him to a hula show and held him like a baby in my arms daring the cocktail waitress to kick us out for having a newly adopted rescue dog. She let us keep him.

After my run, I grabbed the car keys and took off north to Kapalua to do a little snorkel but at 11 am, the beaches were already packed and parking was non-existent. Where did all the people come from? I drove down the road to Napili Surf to find the next public beach access spot and snagged the last parking spot with Lynn's car that has dents and a door barely hanging off the chassis. It's fun to see people's reactions to this old KIA as I drive by because it honestly looks like the person driving is semi-blind and has been in lots of accidents. I feel like a proper badass.

I walked through the beach access to Napili Bay and never having snorkeled there before, I had little to compare it to but, after realizing I brought the wrong snorkel mask to Maui and did not have the one with the vision corrector diopter built in, I decided to give it a go and see how compromised my vision was with no vision correction. I snorkeled around the bay cursing Climate Change and the lack of live coral, then headed into the beach and back to the car. It was a Wham Bam Thank You Snorkel and soon I was showering at the house to get ready to head "upcountry" with Lynn to cruise the shops of Makawao. Leaving JoJo at home for a few hours, we drove through Lahaina and over to Kahului and upcountry to the cowboy town of Makawao. It used to be you could shop and actually afford a piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing in this quaint town but the price tags were around $300 for a linen top from Italy and browsing was mostly what we did. It rained and we ran between shops, laughing and talking, then back to the car and through Paia to West Maui. 

At home, JoJo had waited for his mommy and pulling up, the awesome twosome, (Lynn and JoJo) took off immediately for his sunset beach walk while I reported to the fridge to make us a salad and to take on Happy Hour alone. 90 minutes later, we ate on the lanai, got into a discussion on diversity in the film industry over some drinks with Lynn's friend Bryant, and eventually called it a day. A wonderful day.

 Here's the salad I made to go with my Michelob Ultra Spiked Seltzer (no carbs!)

Low Carb MAUI Salad

Romaine lettuce - 1 head

Tomato - from Lynn's garden

Celery - chopped

Carrot - stuck in upright (just kidding, chopped or shaved)

Parsley - Lynn's garden

Avocado - Lynn's tree

20 Toasted Almonds

10 chopped Mac Nuts

Shaved Parmesan - a lot1

Beechers Just Jack Cheese cubes - Bought at SeaTac airport


Snow Peas - Lynn's garden

Green Pepper - Lynn's garden

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Bacon bits

Chicken - Costco Roast Chicken cut in cubes, sautéed in garlic butter and salt

Full Fat Creamy Caesar Dressing with low carbs

KIM HORNSBY is a USA Today Bestselling Author of 15 novels as well as an award-winning screenwriter who has several movies in development with producers. She lives in the Seattle area where her office overlooks a tree-lined lake and has foot warming muses in the form of large, hairy rescue dogs.


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