Sunday, May 9, 2021

Birthday, Stalkers and Mahi Mahi

Birthday weekend has arrived! May 8th is my day of birth and this year I'm celebrating it on Maui. I just spend the last 14 months locked up with my sweet hubby and kids so taking off without them was a no brainer when it turned out I had to use last year's ticket before June. 

I woke on the big day happy to be healthy, on Maui and greet the day. I slept in to 7 and that felt decadent and luxurious here in the islands. It was supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms according to the weather channel but the day was sunny and clear. Clouds on the horizon and all stuck between the West Maui Mountains. Perfection.

After trying to run and feeling kind of ill, I bagged on that idea and did a speed walk back to the house. My friend Bill, who lives on Lanai in the little town at the top of the island, was coming over to Maui for my birthday weekend on the shuttle boat and I picked him up at the Pioneer Inn at noon. We drove back to Lynn's and made lunch to eat out on the lanai, talking about old times when we used to act and sing in shows. If you read my Acknowledgements in Deadly Resemblance, you'll know that I once had a letter-writing stalker who tried to get me fired from a performing job and Bill was my boss who the stalker appealed to saying I'd taken advantage of him in a wheelchair. Anyways, Bill and I have a long history of working and being friends on Maui and so much to talk about that kept us going all day. 

I'd made the birthday decision to gather a small group of trusted and vaccinated friends to go for an open air dinner on the ocean. I wanted a good piece of fish at The Barfoot Bar with a Hawaiian trio playing in the background, with my toes in the sand under the table. Bill had given me a beautiful necklace and earrings the colors of the sea so I wore an outfit to showcase my new jewelry. My sweet hubby had found someone to deliver me a lei and I had that on as well, feeling properly loved and appreciated. 

Dinner was lovely, fun and happy with our little group and back at Lynn's house we watched one of my favorite Rom Coms "Always Be My Maybe." It was a perfect day on Maui with calls from my kids and niece earlier, texts, tweets and well-wishes along with the launch of my 16th novel, and an ocean swim and snorkel with Lynn in the afternoon

Lucky, lucky me.

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