Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mask Up People!

This world-wide quarantine has been hard on everyone. Some more than others. And we've been finding other ways to see people like on social media, Zoom calls, reading books, watching movies, the last of which make you feel like you're out in the world without leaving your house.

Our country seems to be divided between those who take this virus seriously and those who don't. I understand college kids and teenagers needing to socialize and thinking they're going to live forever because I think they can't help it, but when I see fully grown adults out in public these days without a mask, I have to wonder what their thought process is.
You put me in jeopardy when you walk by me at the grocery store. I have an ill husband awaiting lung surgery who can't get the virus or he'll probably die. I cannot bring this home to him. I can forgive you for thinking you won't get sick but what if you're a silent carrier, have the virus, and are spreading your exhalation droplets all over the grocery store?

OK, let's pretend you don't believe there is a virus.
Can you believe that most of the country understands the science of this and believes there is? And isn't that enough for you to respect your community members enough to mask up when leaving your car in public? It's common courtesy. We are scared of you!

Even if you live in a part of the world where Covid 19 has not hit hard, you are not immune to catching this thing unless you live on an island that hasn't seen a visitor since last November. Consider that.

When I see someone without a mask in public, in among the rest of us staying 6 feet apart and wearing double layer masks, I peg you as inconsiderate imbecile. And a dangerous one at that.
Don't tell me you get claustrophobic in a mask because then you could either stay home from the store and don't take your maskless children and teens, or do curbside pickup or wear a clear face shield that are for sale on Amazon.
Coming into the store, or any business that's open to the public, without a mask, tells me that you are making a statement similar to saying "F You!"
And please don't bring your maskless kids to the store if there is any way you don't have to. It's not like it used to be when Dad got the kids out of the house for an hour by taking them grocery shopping.

Just because our president doesn't wear a mask, does not mean it's acceptable for you. He also tans to within an inch of his life, stares at eclipses and eats poorly. Do you follow his lead on that too?

I haven't heard a good excuse yet for going without some form of mask. Even the poorest people can tie a T-shirt around their faces. So please, people, when you leave the house. If you're going to be within 6 feet of people, have a mask ready to pull over both your mouth and your nose. Both must be covered for you to look like you actually care about your own health and the well being of your community.

Mask Up! It might save one life.

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