Monday, February 10, 2020

Oscar Opinions

Admittedly, I only caught parts of the Oscars last night but that was enough to have a few opinions.

1. Joaquin Phoenix's speech was too long and I'm now using almond milk for my coffee.
2. If Jane Fonda is against ageism in Hollywood, why does her face look so different, like it's been stretched and the woman wearing the grey hair and sustainable jewelry barely resembles her?
3. Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig should host the Oscars next year.
4. I love Eminem but why?
5. That rap?
6. Natalie Portman's use of embroidery thread was genius.
7. Why do woman need to show so much skin and men cover completely up in formal attire?
8. Brad Pitt brought his mom. Ahhhh.
9. Weaver, Gadot and Larson! And a woman won!
10. No female directors nominated when Gerwig was sitting right there.

I hope you all enjoyed the pomp and circumstance last night at the 92nd Oscars where a woman finally got to conduct the orchestra and did so with flourish and a gold fancy jacket.

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