Thursday, February 20, 2020

New MOODY Book!

I'm in the midst of writing a book in a series that takes a lot of thinking time. The word "Time" is key here because the main character is a time traveler and her antics in the 1850's are so out of sequence that she makes assumptions and declarations all over the place, thinking she knows the end game.
It's confusing, but very fun. And, I'm told that the series is great fun to read.

It was originally written as a TV pilot script. From that, I wrote the first book. That's why each "episode" ends in a cliffhanger of some degree. Have you ever watched a one-hour TV show that didn't end with a burning question to keep you coming back for more?
Plus, it's a series with lots of plot points that need tying up over the long run. Please don't hate me because you love the books and need to find out if Caspian finds his bones and is finally put to rest thereby banishing him forever from haunting the house of the one woman he loves more than life or death itself.

Check it out. The fifth book just came up for presale. May 26th is the launch date. See what everyone is talking about!

MOODY & The GHOST - 4 Book Series (AMAZON)



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