Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ghosts, Recipes & Laughs

I write a fun little series called Moody & The Ghost about a paranormal investigator who's lost her mojo (clairvoyance) after a car accident that also takes her eyesight, and her husband's life.

OK, so far this doesn't sound fun, right? But the story picks up right when she inherits a house on the stormy Oregon coast and things start to happen to give her hope.
Bryndle Moody has led a colorful life as her grifter mother's cash cow, doing ghost readings for money since she was a small girl. Her relationship with her mother is complicated and twisted with her dear mommy still trying to live off people, Bryndle especially.
As part of her investigative team, Bryndle employs her cousin who is an anime-loving, sarcastic, young woman named Eve, a sloppy but technically talented friend, Carlos (Eve's ex-boyfriend) and Bryn's dog, Hodor who has been shipped off to guide dog school when Bryndle's eyesight doesn't return after the car accident takes her other form of Sight.
Bryndle is not your average heroine. She drinks, swears, has nasty thoughts about offing her mother and is trying to cope in her new world after surviving a traumatic car accident in Seattle, where she lives on a houseboat. Seeing the world through humor helps her cope and helps us enjoy her journey.

If you like heroes that rise above their circumstances with a dose of humor, you might enjoy this series. There's a ghost to take your breath away, plenty of fun while the team tries to investigate spirits on their YouTube channel and a house in Oregon filled with history that must come out.
A Recipe Booklet is included at the end of Book 4 with lots of yummy dinners that are mentioned in the 4 books!

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  1. Great job, I was doing a google search and your site came up for homes for sale in Altamonte Springs, FL but anyway, I have enjoyed reading it, keep it up!

  2. Looks Great Like A Fun Read I Hope to read it soon