Friday, October 4, 2019

Need Escapist Entertainment this Weekend?

Life is tough, my mother always said, optimist that she was.

In these days of strangeness and worry, we need entertainment.
For this reason, I keep on writing Christmas romances. Christmas embodies a simpler time when the world is at peace, when we focus on love rather than hate and when we get to let go of our worries and get back to remembering the good times.

I have several Christmas Romances novellas for sale at etailer book stores like Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes etc and although they aren't Pulitzer Prize winning works of art, they are entertaining. And romantic, another part of life we all need to believe in.

Every year, I put together a box set anthology of Christmas stories that are heartwarming and guaranteed to leave you smiling. This year's set is Christmas at Mistletoe Lodge for sale at AMAZON, Nook, Apple, Kobo and pretty much everywhere. It's in preorder until launch on October 22nd. Then, the price goes up. Get your copy of 10 books for 99 cents by Award-Winning Authors while you still can!

As an author and screenwriter, I love to adapt my books for the screen. Christmas at Snowflake Lodge sold last spring to a production company who plans to make the film this winter. I'm not involved in the project at this point because we sold the screenplay outright for them to do with it what they wanted, including changing the name.
But now, I'm involved with the development of another Christmas screenplay I adapted from my book Christmas at Crystal Creek as we do screenplay revisions and look at who will play the leads. Crystal Creek, or CC as my producers, agent, and I now call it, is looking good for filming this winter with an up and coming star attached who can sing like the country music star she'll be playing. I'll be announcing her name soon, once the contracts are signed.

Enjoy the book if you'd like to read the story of the country star who gets stranded in a tiny town in Maine during a snowstorm.

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As we head into colder weather and Christmas approaches, remember to read those heartwarming stories and stay positive while you wait for the Hallmark Channel to air the movies that even the most snarky, skeptical cynic seems to love to watch.