Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween BOOKS!

Do you love this time of year? Do you like spooky but not too scary? Me too.

I write somewhat spooky stories but am always aghast to be clumped with Stephen King on book lists. No horror here. No gore. No ghoulish stuff. Just some ghostly action and suspense.

I have a number of books that are perfect for reading at Halloween time.
ROCKY BLUFF is a Maui Murder Mystery that takes place over October leading up to Halloween and is set during the ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Maui's Iao Theater. A new Maui cop who's out to prove herself infiltrates the cast of ROCKY to find out how one of the cast members died on stage opening weekend.
Detective Maya Flores works the case with the help of a floating entity in the spooky underground dressing rooms of the historic theater and finds that she's now become a target for the murderer.
The book is a police procedural, a mystery, a suspense with elements of romance and supernatural. It's 2/3 the size of a full novel and the edition you see on Amazon is the second. Rocky Bluff was previously published with reviews and a different cover a few years ago. I revised the book, rewrote the protagonist and republished with a new twist at the end that will curl your hair. It was a book in the Lei Crime Kindle World and Kindle Worlds dissolved over a year ago, leaving our books unpublished and floating in nowhere land. All books had to be rewritten to be republished.

If you like Maui, mysteries and guessing the end, you might like ROCKY BLUFF!
Free Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Halloween week.

Click Here  AMAZON BUY LINK   (Even though it's FREE!)

I write a continuing mystery series about a Paranormal Investigator, Bryndle Moody, who's recently lost her eye sight and her sixth sense when she mysteriously inherits a house on the Oregon coast where the resident ghost offers something she desperately needs.

Moody & The Ghost is a fun, snarky, fast series with 4 books (so far) that are only .99 each, allowing anyone hooked on the series to keep going!

I like to write strange occurrences in my novels when I'm not writing Christmas Romances.

In The Dream Jumper Series, Jamey Dunn can enter dreams and uses that ability to solve the mystery of his ex-girlfriend's new husband's disappearance. This story is a mystery, a supernatural thriller with dreams and weird happenings. It's a 5-book series so if you get hooked, you can get to know the characters really well!

Check out my Amazon Books page to see what grabs your fancy and while over there, feel free to pick up a copy of ROCKY BLUFF!

Free Oct 30th to Nov 2nd.


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