Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SAD in January

January is a tough one. Not everyone loves being cozy inside their house in the dark days of January.
December is tolerable because of the holiday season but even though we are now on the upside of getting more light hours in our day, January can be difficult for people.
I'm feeling like I made it through November, the climb to the dark days, then did Christmas with a certain degree of festivity and competence. Getting to January happily was a milestone and accomplishment and now I feel like getting to March will the end game. That's when weather gets warmer in the Seattle area and the days will be long enough to satisfy this need for sunlight.
It's a strange way to live, to be sure, but not a permanent lifestyle. I hope.

Last year, my hubby and I made a slightly fluid plan to spend winters in a warmer clime in the not too distant future.
I met my hubby when I lived on Maui and he lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and we both had chosen warm climates to settle in. Then, life took us to the Pacific Northwest and then kids and now the kids love the PNW area. I imagine our children will stay in the Seattle area. They don't mind the rain for some reason. But my hubby and I crave the tropical lifestyle and seeing we didn't need to cross a major ocean to get to Mexico, we started our search there. I love Maui but getting my kids to visit us in Hawaii when their lives are in Seattle, or to move our dogs to an island where there's still a canine quarantine, does not seem as plausible as Mexico.

In the meantime, when the dark cold days get me down I've been known to check out Mexico real estate, plan a nice 3 bedroom house with a view of the ocean and a pool. It is a wonderful distraction everyone should try.

And it isn't that I don't have a ton of stuff to do. Or a ton of stuff to be thankful for.
I made the USA TODAY Bestseller List in October, I won some amazing contests with my screenplay and as a result, have attention from a producer and several screenwriters/producers who are helping guide this project forward. I am very grateful for everything wonderful that happened in my career in the last six months but somehow when faced with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) all that good luck doesn't change the problem.

I'm fortunate that I can control my environment to a certain extent and the idea of having a place in Mexico and the means to get there is a possibility. I know I'm lucky. Hope is a big deal when you battle SAD. You need to hope for something.
If you're struggling, I hope you know that you're not alone. There are a lot of us out there and if the longer days and sunlight help, know that it's coming. The days are getting longer, your coping strategies are in place and ready and there is always going to be something wonderful around the corner.
Hang in there to get through January. I find reading a good book helps enormously. And watching movies. Concentrating on the positive.

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